The Snack Serpent is a giant beast that catchs treasure hunters with its stick tongue and eats them for snacks.


The Snack Serpent is a giant red serpent with blue polka dots on its body, four legs, two arms, and a pointed tail with a blue tip. Its head had three blue scales on the back, long jaws, and green eyes that turn red when angered. It has a purple tongue with yellow spots on it.

When Slip and Slide imagined it as a chicken with lobster claws along with Coconut Fred, it gained a rooster's head, lobster claws, and four chicken legs, becoming a "chicklobster".

Abilities and PowersEdit

It can use its sticky tongue to eat others, but can't eat crab apples since they cause indigestion. It can also breathe fire to breath on something if they can't eat it, in Butchy's case. When it became a chicklobster, it lost its sticky tongue, but can use its claws to grab fruit.