Monsters are creatures that inhabit certain places on Fruit Salad Island and Coconut Fred's creations.


There are five different monsters that inhabit the island.

One monster has a stick-like body with a toothed beak and thin arms and legs. It has yellow eyes with red pupils.

The second monster is a green elephant-like creature with teeth at the tip of its trunk and spikes on its back.

The third monster is an orange scorpion-like monster with praying mantis-like scythes and five yellow eyes. It has a stinger with spinning horns and red dots on it and its back.

The fourth monster is a purple dragon with bull-like horns and two butts. It has green spikes and wears overalls.

The fifth monster is a round, blue monster with a large yellow horn, two tusks, and a long fin-like tail. It has short arms, large legs, yellow eyes and dark blue spots on its back .