Fruit Salad Island is an island inhabited by fruit. It consists of an lemon-like sun and moon, a volcano named Melvin, Mr. Greenrind's sand cabana, and a shipwrecked ship owned by a lemon named Wedgie. It also has a place called the Nut Hut, which is owned by Coconut Fred, and a tree house which is home to him.reruns of the show September 17 2006 until February 3 2007



Fruit Salad Island has many houses. All of the main characters have one, except for Bunga Berry, and they are all different, except for Slip and Slide.

There is also a primitive village full of wild fruit, and more specifically wild strawberries.




These are some of the laws on Fruit Salad Island. No drumming, campfires, blinking, volcanoes, juggling, magic for Fred, banana splits, big splash competition, hovering in mid-air, eating sand, pie fights, shooting Mr. Greenrind with a confetti cannon, dust devils, and many others. These laws are written on the Squeaky Board.



  • Dr. Bartlett’s Office

This dentist office is only seen in Fruit Canal. Dr. Bartlett is the dentist that works here. He’s got free toothbrushes, lollipops, a cool shiny drill, toys, etc. Dr. Bartlett is a witch dentist.


The culture of the island is a caricature of a town with its own pool.


Fruit Salad Island’s climate is typically sunny and warm. The island does receive rain, thunderstorms, and snow in A Cold Day on Fruit Salad Island.