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Coconut Fred is the eponymous protagonist of Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island. He a is a coconut and the founder of Fruit Salad Island.


Fred appears to be a small anthropomorphic coconut with orange swim trunks and red and tan sandals. He seems to be able to stretch his arms and legs to as long as he wants, and in One Bad Apple, he grows his hands significantly larger. When his coconut milk gets steamed up, he can inflate to 50 times his size, big enough to plug Melvin.


A happy-go-lucky and hyperactive coconut with a strange imagination. Fred has the special ability to turn whatever he imagines into reality. He can often be heard with his trademark catchphrases "Yay me!", "Now You're Talking, Coconut!", "I could make that fun!", or "Oh yeah!".


Abilities and PowersEdit

Anything Fred thinks of comes true, in "Master of Disaster ", he was responsible for creating Melvin the volcano. He is also able to make it day or night.


  • He holds the record for attempting to break the most records in one day.
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